The Best Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research tools are probably the single most important tool that enables any of us to pursue Internet/Affiliate Marketing as a business.

Why are they so important, fact is, Keyword Research and the acquired skill of uncovering what is sometimes described as “gold nugget” keywords makes up a good part of whether your blog or website makes you money or otherwise, cost you money while reaping little or no monetary benefits.

There are a number of a keyword research tools available, some free and others can be purchased. In this article, I want to examine a question I’ve often pondered, Using Free Keyword Research Tool – Is it enough to succeed?

Browsing the Internet, I see that there are several free keyword research tools that anyone can download and use to conduct keyword research. To name just a few of the many without attempting assign individual ratings to any particular one because this is not a product review. Instead I want to focus on what you can expect from using free tools in general.

The top 3 tools I use for keyword research are:

Google AdWords Keyword Tool
Google Insights
SEMRush (Paid) – Try for free for 7 days

On of the face of it, each one of the free tools provides a few pieces of the Internet Marketing puzzle of required information needed to engage in successful Internet and Affiliate Marketing.

There are many indicators that we need to be informed of in order to make accurate decisions regarding niche markets that we intend to/are promoting in our campaigns.

Time is of the essence for us, any time that we can save ourselves, gives us time to attend to some other aspect of the business. To much time spent on keyword research, perhaps, leaves us with a time deficit and inadequate time to spend on other things.

What appears to be the problem with using free tools is that no one of them contains all of the information indicators in one place. Thus, requiring us to move between several tools in order to get the body of information needed to get the full picture.

While on the other hand, I have used and do use some other paid for tools that have to their advantage, inclusion of most if not all of the relevant indicators and measurements that we need to boost and enhance chances for success.

By all means, if you are new to Internet Marketing and operating on a shoe string budget you might need to make do with working with several free tools to grab the measurements, indicators and vital information until you start making some money.

Do what you need to do; because, most important is that you that you do not let anything stop you, be determined to succeed. Using free tools might not be ideal or as inclusive as some of the paid tools. Nevertheless, it should not be an obstacle to your success. Take action anyway, you will be glad you did.

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